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720.000.000.000 Baby Trees

WASTE: Tetra, plastic, PET, drinkwater bottle, cans


Personal action


+2 000 000 000 (2 billion) bottles and cans EACH day we throw away

a metal can = excellent pot to plant a tree

a PET bottle cut in 1/2 = excellent pot to plant a tree

Fill  dog/cat/human-foodcan, PETbottle,.... with self-made compost and good soil and plant care a baby-tree  A mini plantation on your window, terrace , front door  ….care it well =60 billion of trees a month, 720 billion trees a year ….!!!!!Buy the seed or find it in the forest .We can plant the little trees on a car-less-Sunday at the side of Highways or  the town/village entrance, in schools , on the mountain ,etc …Let´s have a party !!!!it is better that than burning or throwing in the ocean !

spread the word


Being prepared