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The Garlic-Lemon Elixir

Toxins left in the system for years clog blood vessels, the mucus membranes and the lining of intestines. They lessen the elasticity of tissues and become a hindrance of liquid, oxygen and nutrients. By removing this layer you take a huge load off your system and allow oxygen to travel deeper. This is a giant step towards optimizing the function of every cell in your body!
Both garlic an lemon is ancient healers of man kind. And truly ... When ever you need a tune up or are seriously ill, this remedy can be hugely beneficial to all.
So I pass on to you this remedy which is simply made from garlic, lemon and spring water.

Garlic-Lemon Elixir Recipe:

25 fresh clove of garlic

3 natural grown ripe lemons - including peel

1 ½ litres of fresh spring water

Smash the garlic, cut lemons then mash or blend together. Add water and bring the porridge slowly to the boil for a minute. Leave 12 hours to cool under lid. Strain and bottle. Keep in the fridge.

Drink a schnapps size every evening before bedtime (and if you crave it, also in the morning) for 3 weeks, stop for 7 days and the continue for another 3 weeks. To be done intensively once a year only. Though it can also be used as an excellent tonic when your immune system is low.

During the 7 week course of the elixir your body will be going through a constant detoxification process. Toxins get pulverised rather than broken free and as the elixir is an immune system strengthener, cleansing symptoms should not be repressed. Drink water to help "flush out" the toxins if you experience temporary periods of illness like symptoms - this is only your body´s way of eliminating toxins. For long term benefit and deep cellular cleansing it is important to complete the 7 weeks.

The elixir is recommended especially for circulatory problems such as hardening of the arteries, thrombosis and heart diseases. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It assists the digestive system in dissolving toxins layered in the lining of the intestines, eliminating acid in the stomach lining, balancing the flora of the stomach and normalising stools. It is also excellent for the respiratory system, freeing toxins from mucus membranes which in turn awaken our senses and bring greater awareness.



Ginger in slices , boiled , hot water , 10 minutes , drink , fill again with good hot water

Stay put , excellent for in the morning, you can fill and refill , drink drink

The toxins away …….excellent for rheum , arthritis etc…