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CONGRATULATIONS you made it from now on this is your point of return. Return to the refreshing Spring.
Relax, sit back, push your butt in your seat ...
Push and breath, EXHALE
Sit back, push your butt into the earth and breath, EXHALE
Feel your spine opening
You feel the energy flowing again
Very good,
That´s all you need

You remember ...

From our prime childhood we have to sit
Sit sit and sit
In a babychair, at school, in the car, at home, at work,
We sit lifelong wrong
With the only result as backpain/strains, no-vitality, bad humor, stress, no energy flowing, muscle rigidity, no flexability, brainrigidity, short in time for everything, no power, shortmindness, egocentrism, feeling old, feeling useless, as a number, as an ant, crawling for help, in need for relaxation, wanting for: silence - inner silence - clean air - clean water - clean yourself, be pure again, wanting to be a drop that becomes ocean, thirsty for blue and green, oxygen, asking yourself where you left youngness.
Frustrations ... no control anymore ... no empty mind anymore ...
Alcoholism, tabaco, drugs, pills, tranquilizers, toxics, consumism, TV, GSM, pollution, greed, need for more, need for sercurity, questions, rules, regulations, more, more and faster ... faster and more and more.
Sounds any of these familiar ???
You forgot to live (') and now you need to change, you want really to live fully, open again.

Allright very easy, the only thing you do is Exhale , Smile . move your hips , arms up

Detox , Gardening , Train , Meditate