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Modern Polluters


Citizen information and consideration
The organisation health and culture back up information in consideration of the people. We work as a link between political plans and actual everyday living. We represent the healthy aspect of our culture as oppose to merely production, the city can be as cosy as a meadow… we believe that the opinion of the locals, shall carry as mush weight in decisions affecting their areas, as architect drawings and from someone who has no deeper connection.
Public projects are these days sold for bid to private companies. Once passed on, official consider themselves done. The politician decides his town planning with a group of advisers, mostly architects and economical advisers.
Big construction projects are coming to town. Big signs with little information…
Noise pollution
Security noises: building cranes with security devises. Runs through siestas and Saturdays. A constant stress factor, which is about to become another every day acceptance in the name of progress and construction.
The signs
Lots of big time construction. Huge signs is displayed long before action. Big words- little information. We are kept in the dark. And obviously hey obscure the view, blocs in the landscape. Carry mostly pseudo information and company advertisement. What about a drawing with buildings, trees and paths to actually give the citizen a true idea of what is going on. At least available in public office.

The missing links
Mind- body- soul.
Interior- man- exterior.

Instituto Nacional de Toxicologia.
Auditive pollution


Light pollution
Are we blind yet?
When you fly over the continent of Europe by night, you realise how much electric light shines all through the night. It is not so many ears ago, that you could clearly recognize a big city coming up. Now you see lights every where, from south to north.
This alarming, for various of reasons. Living between so much electric light disturbs the natural 24 hour cycles of living beings in the area 2. it weakens your eyes, and your other senses, there otherwise would get sharpened, when one sense is on hold. Not much variety of their use.

The art of living with water shortage. Rather now for goodness than soon from need.

Cut it out. Boycott total.
Wrapping foods the old fashioned way (plates on plates, brown paper and string is all so more inviting. The food stays keeps consistent and is allowed to breathe).

Ginger Chai- spice toddy.
Dynamic body movement.
Warm moccasins for ground circulation.
Wool- wrist and ankle warmers. Power ponchos, sheepskin for sitting.
Move instead of crumbling up, a fresh walk.