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The natural body cycles
Biological clocks assure the effective function of the body. Energy wise on daily basis we take in food (appropriation), we absorb and use some of that food (assimilation) and we get rid of what we don’t use (elimination). Each of these functions is always ongoing, but each is more intense during certain hours of the day
Noon to 8 pm. - Appropriation (eating and digestion)
8 pm. To 4 pm. – Assimilation (absorption and use)
4 pm. To noon - elimination (of body waste and food debris).
Physiologically our bodies wants to eat early in the evening, so that at least 3 hours can pass (the time needed for the food to leave the stomach) before you go to rest and into the assimilation cycle.
If you eat late a night you extend the assimilation period well into the morning and will there fore often find that you do not want to eat before much further into the day (fruits can help a late elimination cycle and water of course).

To optimize energy intake and waste disposal:
-do not drink water with a meal. The digestive juices in the stomach helping to brake down the meal, gets diluted, which prevents proper digestion.
-rest 10 min. after meal to improve digestion. Chill sometimes!
-fibres keeps gut moving, binds toxins and escorts then out of the body
-anti-oxidants (vitamin A-C-E-selenium protects from harmful oxidants.


If you want to be vibrantly alive- you have to eat food that is alive. You may ask yourself if the food you put into your body will cleanse you or clog you???
We are living on a planet that is more than 70% water. Your body contains 70% water and your diet should consist of 70% high water content food- which is fruit and vegetables. Everything else is concentrated foods.
Drinking water will not do it, because water does not carry the enzymes and other life preserving elements into the body as fruit and vegetables does.
Modern food
Much of the food we by is impoverished; out of season, imported, nutrients lost during transit, storage and bright supermarket shelves. Prolonged shelf life is commercially obtained by elimination of micro organism, sterilisation or irradiation- procedures that renders the food lifeless.
Because our food has been altered we are not biologically adapted to deal with it. The by products of incomplete digestion and assimilation forms x amount of residue in the body which is toxic acid nature.

How you slowly debilitate your body spirit
Prisoner of your taste buds, alternated by commercials and lack of fresh produce.
Vitality stimulating advice
-store food in dark, chemical free, eat seasonal, short transport. Every dime spend, is a vote on the future…
-intensify your respiration. Expel a lot, breath deeply in fresh air. Use shallow breathing as the cars comes rolling by. Be aware. Once your mucus membranes can vibrate again, your senses will become alive. You can now detect the good stuff from the bad. You may become rather realistic and there for sensitive to the daily pollution from the environment.
-Natural dynamic body movements all the time. Expansion-contraction- weight shifts, twists assure release of toxins throughout muscles, tendons and joints, as well as lungs and internal organs.
No more than one protein meal a day
All amino acids (proteins) not needed for tissue repair and tissue growth has to be destroyed. The liver removes the amino group and converts the rest into glycogen (sugar) and fats. The amino group is converted into urea, which is then removed from the blood by the kidneys. Both form an acid solution. Potassium and calcium are needed to neutralise this acid and is lost to the body. Excess protein in the diet therefore puts the liver under stress. The loss of calcium may be made up by removing calcium from the bones. The loss of potassium makes it more difficult for the body product of excess protein, which causes stress when a constant conditions.
Don’t mix protein and starch meals.-Lysine, an essential component of protein is destroyed when they are cooked together.
Sugar is absorbed to quickly in the blood stream. It results in swings in blood levels, which again puts a strain on all regulation systems in the body (the glands) High blood sugar levels con increase damage in all the tissues the blood bathes. Sugar ads nothing use full to the diet.
Molasses and honey contains use full minerals and vitamins, but should still be enjoyed with moderation.
Acid, alkali and PH
Blood, lymph and fluids that bathe our cells must stay with in a very narrow PH.
Substancies that can neutralize acid are called bases.