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True Solutions and True Alternatives to KISS GOODBYE the economical and social mess YOU find in the Heart and in front of the nose .

>1914-18 >1940 POLLUTION & POWER RUSH


Kyoto Protocol - COP15 - COP100Talk&Talk&GO-Conferences"

paid with YOUR wasted tax money

Nonsense or Truth ?????

Climate Change because of us , humans, is NOT the issue.

Facts are; Oceans are empty , forests as large as footballfields vanish non-stop every single second ..., pollution a Go-Go , noises , fumes , modern diseases everywhere , cancers , social instability, energy- and watercrisis , economical crisis ,wars , nuclear danger , RISING SEALEVEL , FEARCULTURE  … Led and misled by small talking paid talkers , forced and artificial percentages, TV ,paperwork , incompetent WORLD managers, POWER MAFFIA NETWORKS without heart nor soul denying basics and basic solutions...!!! Pharaonic  technocrates ; the new last but not least empty artistocrates & power = God !

++1200 limousines in Copenhagen for COP15 ....!!!!!!!!Promises , Time/CO2 spreadsheets , %%%% ,private Jets, more airplanes ,caviar , silk ties , 5-star Hotels ,Soft T0ilet p@per ,Elite parties ,Champagne , chippendales ,entertainment , Call-Girls and Glamour.

HOW DO YOU DO ...?? HOW ARE YOU ? HOW ARE WE ? And How are the Kids doing ....?? Fine ! Fine , Fine ....... This a lie ,a false statement ! Stay honest after all !!! ...Absolute NOT fine we are .Come out of that expensive indoctrinated wannabees comfort-zone ,

WAKE UP !!!Personal Action is the solution RES NON VERBA.

just lets do it

Change Lifestyle , RRR, Yoga , Martial Arts , TV out , communication and creativity ART-NOT-OIL * Massive Reforestation + Hemp + Bio small farming + compost * Solar Energy FREE on every roof + Geothermal pump + Hydrogen * Reduce meatconsumption , wallnuts do it perfectly and better !* Environmental Justice for people and NGO * Education versus overpopulation , make Love not more then 2 children or better adopt some . Teach them well the basics of Truth and Beauty .*Chivalry , Honesty and Love * Responsible Press and Media* Tax objection ROBIN HOOD TAX ... wherefore we need more weapons and roads .....more security officers and Police .... Free clean energy that comes from our roofs for transport and householding .....for example with our TAXmoney.

WE HAVE A DREAM ...............

Somebody had to do it. Still we are in a struggling beginning phase because of losing papers by mail, sleeping secretaries and total lack of solidarity and seriousness around. The Changing Climate seems only to have started to exist since 2006-2007 for most Solutions for the causes and consequences of Climate Change & Greenhouse effect we offer. The main cause of Changing Climate results in NOT having FORESTS anymore anywhere (trees absorb CO2 and exhale fresh Oxygen) plus the increase of CO2-emissions due to human-energy hunger, industry and transport. With your money, partnerships in publicity and all revenues, we can together make a 100% educational global publicity job, everywhere. Lobby for massive reforestation and in turn a lifestyle re-formation. For free on the web we provide you with: Information, Alternatives, Solutions and Answers Chaotic Changing Climate. Each year extreme heat increases. The atmosphere from Venus, droughts, heavy rains, floods, inundations, insect plagues, new and old virus diseases, earthquakes, tidal waves, melting icecaps, raising sea level, a lot of political and social instabilities, wars, all result in tears and sorrows. In some way or other we all pay - liking or not liking it - we are all in the same boat

Act now; spread the Danger-News and how we can prevent it

Make your decision clear and visible now.

Our job is to spread the message and encourage people to advertise everywhere, promoting the solutions We can start by building partnerships with companies willing to put the stopco2 logo on their packages & products/services, billboards, press & media coverage etc. We cannot say that we do not know about the damage to our environment anymore, we are all responsible. There are plenty of clean, easy, good alternatives and we must use them. It is up to us to make a difference. Do not wait until your neighbour or friends do it first. Act now! Ask for green energies and engines, they create full employment. They are cheap. Do not let them make you believe they are expensive find the alternative options, they are out there.

Do not buy anything other than green anymore

------- create demand -------

Meanwhile lets reduce, exhale and relax - move that body. We have to reduce CO2. Ignorance is the mother of all tears and sorrows, so is desire. Here and now we can do something about it, so lets do it, easy peasy REACT! After the invention of the wheel, Copernicus (remember the earth is turning around the sun the sun does not turn around us!) and the constitution of the Red Cross organisation. CO2 will be the most serious act for humanity in the next 50 years. Do not ignore this. Wanting or not wanting, the CO2 threat is a fact, here and now. We are in danger. Do not ignore this, lift your head. Act now! We are now in 2007,2008 and time is fast running out. Remember 1960 - Scientists predicted and proved many unpleasant future models if we did not halt all pollution immediatelyâ atmosphere, water, forests etc Ignoring the warnings the Bretton Woods show had to go on! DEFORESTATION 1970 - We all know about the coming environmental disaster lots of important talk reunions, conferences at 5 star hotels, all went with aeroplanes Because of the real danger of pollution, world governments agreed that by the year 2000 a ˜total clean up 's must have been carried out. And we would once again be living in harmony with the earth. Greenpeace, Hippies, Woodstock, Flower Power, happy car-less Sundays, the ˜White Car 's project (Amsterdam) Oil Crisis DEFORESTATION 1980 - Muppet show, soccer and talk masters of inactivity. ˜Star Wars 's anti-missile project and other perceived urgent defence tactics. And not a mention nor $$$ 's to save the earth . DEFORESTATION 1990 - Techno-House music, drugs and acid. Beat your brains away. Still nothing done for the nature only demands for proof of the ˜supposed 's melting ice caps More soccer, golf and ˜not in my backyard 's mentality. DEFORESTATION 2000 “ ˜midnight hour 's for humanity 40 years of talking, 40 years of no responsibility. Greenhouse effects, changing climate, economics, oil, GNP, ostrich-strategy, emptying of the oceans, ozone gap, nuclear danger, total madness, genetic manipulated food, extinction of fauna and flora, overpopulation, rising prices, inflation, wars . AND MORE DEFORESTATION Fast melting ice caps, desertification, floods & new diseases, Bhopal, Bangladesh, plastics, mountains of waist toxics, half truths, TV, GSM, hamburgers, IMF, Trade, GNP, growth, WorldBank, Seattle, Genoa, Prague manifestations (G-8), again ecologist-freaks. Still we do not listen progression, growth The show must go on! Pappa & Mamma have to go to the work, with the car. We have to pay our mortgages, our children have to go by car to school. We have to go with the car to the supermarket, buy ˜dead 's food, plastics and waist. We need exotic holidays by plane or cruise. We need to sit and feel empty (relax) in front of the T.V staring, stupefied Present “ the overall population WE do not know, are ignorant and are victims of it all we do not know what to do about it do not want to know We cry and become more aggressive - encouraged to be fearful “ and as a result a flourishing arms-industry instead of a flourishing new intelligent green industry.

And OUR leaders What do they do? TALK

Look into the mirror and ask yourself:

Who am I? What am I doing? What am I?

...Exhale, Exhale and smile

The Solution

Let's start a new economy economy of Hydrogen & Solar

Ring the ALARM – Bells in the name of security, in the name of respect, in the name of decentness for children and future (?) generations for all living creatures on The Planet Earth We are indoctrinated from childhood to fill our brains with manipulated half truths and history. What kind of freedom is this? First we are moulded into a manipulated think-pattern, then we can ˜decide 's and vote ˜free 's! The majority being ignorant dumb-blinded consumerists Definition of INFINITY by Albert Einstein 1) Universe 2) Stupidity of mankind Albert Einstein's vision for what is best for humanity: Gather together all the money, then make a big mountain of the money, make a fire, light it and let it burn “ then dance around it !

Progression with total loss of morality and values what kind of progression is that??? Security for our children (?), meanwhile a nuclear or thermal power-plant is poisoning our habitat What kind of security is that???


The Dalai Lama's words on how to change things:

Not by forcing, nor by using a whip, but by formation you change things for the better.    Start with yourself.

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